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Last month, I turned 30. It didn't seem so long ago that I was at school, head buried in books and trying to figure out who I was & what I wanted to do with my life.

I had expected adulthood to arrive and everything to somehow figure itself out. I'd go to university, end up in a job I loved, find a girlfriend, move into a new home and start a family.

I hadn't realised that adulthood was something it took me a while to grow into, and my 20's were a decade of figuring things out.

I always felt different. Not quite fitting in. I was a slow-burner, it taking me a while to settle into the world of adulthood and find my place.

I remember how joyous it was to first discover that I was an introvert, and then an INFP and then also a highly sensitive person.

INF club is the resource I wish I had had, that friendly older brother or sister to impart their wisdom, be a listening ear and - perhaps most of all - make me feel that everything was going to be OK.

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