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Mykonos: Part II

So, last week I set the scene with regards to my recent Mykonos trip. Here's Part 2.

Job-hunting & keeping my idealism in check

As I shared earlier this month, I am currently applying for jobs again. It is during this period that I need to be particularly wary of keeping my idealism in check.

I'm looking for a job (again), here are my criteria

Since I left the education/graduate ‘treadmill’ (confession: I didn’t graduate) nearly a decade ago, I’ve learnt a whole lot about myself and a whole lot about the sort of job that’s right for me, and that which isn’t.

An INFP on turning 30

In less than an hour’s time, it’s my birthday. And not just any birthday. When I wake up, at precisely 7.42am I’ll be thirty. Three, zero. 3-0. Thirty.

3 amazing books I read in my 20s

As I awakened to the possibility of a non-office-based life, and 'doing my own thing'... these 3 books stood out to me.

What is a 'highly sensitive person' (HSP)?

In the last 7 years, there have been two major breakthroughs that I have experienced - realising that I am an introvert, and realising that I am a highly sensitive person (HSP).

What *is* an introvert?

I'm going to answer this question with a little help from the experts on 'the world of introverts', and ones I've been following for a while now.

welcome to the INF club

hello! Welcome to the INF club, a special community for introverts & particularly INFP and INFJ personality types.